My July 2015 Scripting Puzzle Solution

If you haven’t heard, is taking the lead on organizing the PowerShell Scripting Games. There’s a new format that involves monthly puzzles. Here’s their post on July’s puzzle:

Here’s my solution. I did the extra challenges, as well except for the optional “go obscure, use aliases” challenge. I didn’t submit my solution, I just do them for funsies and to share my solutions on my blog.

The first thing I’m doing is defining an array of computer names which could have come from anywhere. Then, technically on the next line since there’s a semicolon, I have my command. It’s just a Get-WMIObject on the Win32_OperatingSystem class. The ComputerName parameter takes an array which is basically a built in ForEach-Object loop, satisfying the second and third challenge requirements. I pipe the results into a Format-Table command for easy reading but we’re not out of the woods yet. I select the PSComputername, ServicePackMajorVersion and Version properties pretty obviously but the last item, BIOSSerial looks strange.

The SerialNumber property in the Win32_OperatingSystem  WMI object is different than the SerialNumber property in the Win32_BIOS WMI object. The puzzle clearly requests the BIOS serial number, so I created a custom table column which retrieved the BIOS serial number. Technically speaking the only semicolon I use in this solution comes from the custom table command. I’m not counting the one that separates the definition of $Computers from the real command. I could have changed it to look like this, but I thought my solution was more readable.

Good puzzle! I don’t do a ton with WMI or custom tables so this was weird for me, even if it was a relatively simple puzzle.

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