PowerShell Regex Example: Incrementing Matches

In the PowerShell Slack, I recently answered a question along these lines. Say you have a string that reads “first thing {} second thing {}” and you want to get to “first thing {0} second thing {1}” so that you can use the -f  operator to insert values into those spots. For instance…

The question is: how can you replace the {}’s in the string to {<current number>}?

You might think you could do something like this.

But you’d be disappointed.

If you’re not sure what’s going on, the [regex] accelerator has a replace  method that works like -replace  does. It takes three arguments: the string that is being worked on, the pattern being detected, and what to replace the pattern with. In this case, I gave it a scriptblock to replace it with the value of $i  and then increment the value of the variable by one. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like $i  gets incremented. Everything gets replaced with a {0}  instead of an incremented number.

Long story short, this is a PowerShell scoping issue. If you make $i  a part of a bigger scope like global, script, or something that makes sense for your situation, you’ll get the results you desire (global is probably not the best choice).

And this will work just fine in your -f  replacement operations!

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