Quick Tip: Get-Random Is Weird – Doesn’t Include The Maximum Value

The PowerShell command Get-Random is kind of weird. Consider the following script:

Run it on your own computer. Every second, it should write a random number between 1 and 2 until you interrupt it (CTRL + C). You would expect a somewhat balanced output of 1’s and 2’s like if you were recording the outcomes of repeatedly flipping a coin. Right? Wrong. You will get a string of 1’s and never ever EVER get a 2. Change the Maximum to 3 and you will get 1’s and 2’s but no 3’s.

Apparently the maximum value of the Get-Random command isn’t a valid value to return, but, the minimum is. It’s possible that there is a condition where the command will work as expected but I haven’t experimented enough to know for sure.


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