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April Fools PowerShell Prank: Write With All The Colors Of The Rainbow

Sometimes Write-Host gets a bad reputation. Lots of people will repeat inflammatory rhetoric that “Write-Host” kills puppies, and so on, but the only real problem with Write-Host is that people use it without knowing what it’s for. Write-Host is for writing to the console and only the console.

Other cmdlets like Write-Output are for writing to standard output which might be the console, or could be somewhere else down the pipeline. Write-Host‘s output can’t be redirected to a log file, isn’t useful in unattended execution scenarios, and can’t be piped into another command. Lots of people who are new to PowerShell get into a habit of using Write-Host when they probably should have used Write-Output or something else instead. If you have someone you’re trying to train to stop using Write-Host when it’s not needed, consider this prank, just in time for April Fools Day.

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Working With The PowerShell ActiveDirectory Module As A Non-Privileged User

As a best practice, as an administrator you should have separate accounts for your normal activities (emails, IM, normal stuff) and your administrative activities (resetting passwords, creating new mailboxes, etc.). It’s obviously best not to log into your normal workstation as your administrative user. You’re also absolutely not supposed to remote desktop into a domain controller (or another server) just to launch a PowerShell console, import the ActiveDirectory module, and run your commands. Here’s  better way.

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